The Benefits of Indoor Plants

The house plant is back on trend and we are seriously loving it. Not only does the humble house plant look fabulous on our coffee tables; it has a whole lot of health benefits too.

I think we are all aware that being close to greenery makes us feel a little more at peace, right? Well it’s true, plants are proven to reduce stress and create a feeling of peace and well-being.

Eliminate Toxins

Indoor plants have a wide range of health benefits like improving the quality of air. Unfortunately, toxins are released into the air daily from common household items such as furniture, cleaning products, air fresheners and perfumes. But a carefully placed plant can eliminate these unhealthy invisible toxins.

Plants also take in carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen. Place a plant two square metres around where you normally sit to get the full benefits.

Reduce Stress

Studies have shown that plants help reduce stress and fatigue, as well as increase our levels of happiness and positivity. Not only do they help with our productivity, memory retention and creativity, they also improve our quality of work.

Pretty cool, right?

Some plants like Lavender, Aloe Vera and Jasmine can help promote a better sleep by lowering your heart rate and stress levels. Place a Lavender plant in your bedroom to enhance a deeper night’s sleep and wake up feeling naturally energised.

Brighten a Bare Space

Let’s not forget how fabulous a little greenery looks inside. Plants can make a vast difference to interior decorating, and they can help breathe new life into a living room, bedroom and office by brightening a bare space and softening a room.

Hanging plants can make an iconic feature by creating height and depth to a room and little pots look fabulous displayed on a shelf or TV unit.

Lift a dull space by gathering a mixture of large leafy plants in different sized pots and place them in the corner; it will revitalise the room by adding texture and warmth.

Add Texture and Warmth

Succulents are perfect for a dining table. For best results, choose one large shallow pot and plant a few different varieties. It will bring colour and interest, without interrupting the flow of conversation.

Another great way to bring greenery indoors is by creating a display of useful herbs for your kitchen. Place them on your windowsill or kitchen bench. Not only will your kitchen look and smell amazing but herbs like parsley, basil, sage and thyme are great to use in everyday cooking.


Be Creative

Small details can make for a warmer space so whether you’re at home or in your office, bring mother nature inside and enjoy all the benefits. Be creative with your choice of plants (and pots), but make sure you take care of your plants with the right amount of water, light and sun exposure.