A Guide to Combining Natural & Manmade Materials

Combining natural and man-made materials is a timeless trend. Incorporating nature into your home is one of the easiest ways to bring a feeling of warmth into a space. We have taken a deeper look into perfecting the combination of the two materials and creating the ultimate interior abode.

Natural materials and textures are currently on-trend and if incorporated well can lift a dull space. They are easy to work with and blend beautifully with any given colour pallet.

There is an abundance of natural materials at our finger tips, so we have put together a list of 5 of our favourite.



Timber will provide your home with a unique natural look, you can introduce timber into your home by adding furniture and home accessories made with wood.

Alternatively, you can incorporate timber by adding timber shelving, beams or make a statement with a timber feature wall.



Adding soft materials made from wool is an easy way to introduce a luxurious natural element to your home. A beautifully textured woollen throw or rug will create comfort and interest.



Natural stone has a beautiful raw appearance and can be used on floors, walls or as features.



Pot plants make a simple feature in a home and can fill a dead space, they don’t conflict or clash with other colours and will soften a room.



Although natural light is classified as an element of design we had to include it in the list.
It is the simplest element that can make a huge difference to your space. Letting natural light flow through your home will open the space, create a feeling of warmth and an illusion of a larger area.

Although natural materials have many benefits it is important to choose materials that are practical and durable. Man-made materials are typically more durable than natural components.

When choosing the finishing’s in your home make sure you consider all your constraints. You want to choose materials that will last a lifetime and fit your requirements. It is important to choose the most durable materials for items such as;

  • Floors
  • Kitchen benchtops
  • Bathroom benchtops
  • Window/ doors
  • Cabinetry
  • Plumbing fixtures

As a builder we regularly get asked; Should I go with Natural Jarrah or Burnished Concrete flooring?

Both materials are vastly different. Jarrah is a beautiful natural material with a deep red tone. Have a look at our project with rich natural jarrah floors and crisp white walls.

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Although Jarrah requires more maintenance, it is a popular flooring choice with many of our clients and has many benefits. Concrete flooring will last a lifetime, it is easy to maintain and usually costs less than Jarrah. Concrete flooring has a neutral grey tone and blends well with any colour pallet.

For more information, read our blog “Why we love burnished concrete” at

Take a look at one of our Perth Renovations that has combined the two materials perfectly. Its clean crisp white walls, natural jarrah floors and unified downlights throughout creates a perfect balance of sophistication with practicality.

The client’s love for natural materials has been incorporated throughout the kitchen, by revamping the existing jarrah floors and adding a marble feature to the splash back and island bench.

With its sleek minimalist look and key statement features, this kitchen is definitely the central entertaining hub of the home.

The white Ceasarstone bench top is a modern marvel that mimics the appearance of natural materials. It is fundamental that a kitchen work bench is not just an added element of design but also durable.

We created the illusion of a larger kitchen by paying attention to detail and using high-quality storage solutions that maximise available space. Natural light streams in through the long narrow window above the sink, while carefully positioned downlights were installed for proper illumination at night. The balance of natural and ambient lighting creates an airy and open atmosphere.

The end result is a triumph of functionality, with a timeless, sophisticated appeal that ensures the clients are thrilled with the end result.

Do you like this sleek design? Are you building or renovating your Perth home?

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As there is no middle man at Kre8 Constructions, we provide a personal touch to all projects we undertake. With a member of the Kre8 Constructions team managing each project, pressure is taken off clients. Clients always deal with the same person throughout the duration of their project, which results in immense customer satisfaction and efficiency.